Saturday, April 11, 2009


I went to Alaska
With a friend with me when I
Spent some time alone
With the mountains and the sky

White mist tumbled slowly down your mountain
Across the ice as others start to crowd
The Golden Princess then sails away
While you’re still holding up the clouds

First there was Juneau
The Tram, Hatchery and Salmon Bake
The majesty of the Capital
So much for goodness sakes

Then off to wonderful Skagway
White Pass Railroad to the Yukon
There are not such things in my hometown
Not where I come from

Way up in the mountains
Three thousand feet or more
Thundering around a snowy atmosphere
Like I never have before

Riding in the very last rail car
I’m outside and oh so high
I am soon engulfed in a sea of white
And I’m riding through the sky

Everything around me
Completely covered all in white
There’s only snow and icy cold
In this world that has no night

A strange exciting landscape
But not yet in the afternoon
Like traveling along pure heaven
A winter landscape on the moon

Spiraling along the mountain
In a train and in the sky
Amazing someone built this
As far up as a bird can fly

The air is crisp and open
Where’s the sun that hasn’t shone
There’s a kind of different cold here
That can chill you to the bone

I’m heading into Ketchikan
But it’s raining something I did not wish
Everything smells of smoked salmon
Like a campfire all of fish

Then back on the ocean
And into Tracy Arms
Blue ice with a baby seal pup
Works magic like a charm

There is so much to see in Alaska
But there’s just one that’s half the battle
There’s much wind into Victoria British Columbia
So it’s onward to Seattle

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Chantell O said...

Wow, I never been to alaska. It is probable to cold for me.