Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Moon

Last Night of the Moon

Blackened against a radian sun
surrounded by a fiery ring
no craters to soften a fallen star
cut down Apollo’s wing

In the early hours
on a sunny winter’s day
the moon took its position
where it would never stay

Pale in comparison
to a stratocumulus cloud
with a rainbow within it
that it carries proud

Then shone a jealous sun
who stole most part of the day
and put the moon on its back burner
blinding it by a ray

Now the moon was going through
a terrible phase
in the left corner of the sky
amongst a twilight haze

Bright in a summer sky
caught in a meteor shower
still the moon doesn’t pass through
this phase of its final hour

It still shows its face in spite
but the sun gets the last laugh
it still manages to smile
no one sees the other half

All those astronauts
did not see their doom
there’s no place left to land
sealed inside their tomb

Any lunar flights
will have to be real soon
when it’s out of sight
will be the last night of the moon

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