Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stars in the Night

What a night underneath a celestial canopy
Stars sparkle and seem to be hanging from a tree
Knarred branches reaching out so free
Entangled like roots form a tapestry

No need for moonlight in a spring night sky
No misuse of twilight a feast for the eye
Lover’s paradise for some not yet for I
Orion’s belt chastised me still wondering why

So cold in the season time for bride and groom
Still cold what’s the reason still blossoms bloom
Summer is waiting very still in its room
Near the door of last winter that still seems to loom

In the higher region time seems to get lost
Where lower land’s warming here still has some frost
A crescent moon peeks through where two branches cross
And hangs in the balance despite of the cost

I carefully look as I stand in the night
All the stars turning on some blue and some white
They glisten in silence and flashing so bright
Want to wait with them until morning but they’ll be alright

What a night here comes morning to start the day
And the dusting of diamonds is fading away
As this is only the month of May
The stars will come back and for a night they will stay

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