Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blame it on the World

From this one to that one
From this boy to girl
Poking for fun just for fun
No more novelty to unfurl

They have everything indubitably
That’s what they say
But minute by minute
It’s slipping away

Everything is getting smaller
So go tell that girl
Who’s blaming her mother
Blame it on the world

Should we stop talking
So many words are in the air
We’re technology walking
There is no doubt my dear

We just send out our thoughts
To the tune of a single thread
Leaving some in the world to reel
Some things are better left unsaid

The very fabric of our society
The connections are starting to ebb
When will we communicate
Is there a hole in the web

The confines of a belief system
Wearing away our hope of who we are
So soon replacing our reality
Technology from a distant star

State of the art smart cars
And more things to buy
But whatever the reason
Do we really know why

There’s too much to untangle
So tightly woven it has formed a burl
Regardless of our clothing
Blame it on the world

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