Friday, January 14, 2011

January Afternoon

January winter afternoon
Powdery landscape that I saw
From a window where I’d taken lunch
Previous day snow not yet to thaw

Gently bouncing sparrows
Come upon branches to rest
In their tethered feathered coats
Worn proud upon their chests

Wind blown dried brown leaves
Curled tight in winter’s hold
Waiting for another spring
To free them from the cold

A single cheeky sparrow
Stares in outside the pane
Hopping upon the frosty snow
Such a moment has to wane

Behold a geometric building
Diagonally obstructs my view
Of a soft blue sky before me
Off Eight Avenue

Now I must leave
A passerby adorns a heavenly scent
I must go on my way
Now my time has been spent

The sun is getting ready
To change so very soon
From the way it had started
On this January afternoon

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