Friday, January 14, 2011

The Thrill is Gone

I got the news
This afternoon
When I learned
You’re gone too soon

I can not conceive it
How could this be
I had hoped it was untrue
Why you wanna trip on me

I never can
Say goodbye
Where are you, where
In the corner of the sky?

It’s unbelievable
Forever came today
Never thought I’d hear those words
Seems to push me away

Maybe tomorrow
But it’s too late to change the time
You are now only reflections
In the mirrors of my mind

It’s going to be hard
To chase these blues away
I have to think of the good times
I’ll find a way

And oh your body language
You are a dancing machine dream
Your moves are dangerous
Make all go wild and scream

You are to your mother
I’m sure her darling dear
And as mamas pearl
That’s how you got to be there

It’s so sad I can help it
You’re the best I’ve ever known
The world is lost without you
But I think now you’re not alone

You have transcended all music
From pop to soul to rock
Even though you’re gone
I am in a state of shock

The world without your presence
It’s going to seem unreal
There’s no comparison to anyone
Like the way you make me feel

I know we must think happy
Never again will you come round here
And if another you there were
Well I know I’ll be there

Everybody is going to miss you
You’re the uppermost of all time
What girl would not want to hear you say
Oh baby be mine

The one who gave to the entire world
Didn’t matter if they’re black or white
Bless his soul forever
And let it burn the eternal light

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