Sunday, October 16, 2016


I’m high in the saddle

Traveling along a stream

Atop my pretty pony

More than I could dream

I’ve got mountains and moonlight

Enough to make me smile

I’ve got the longest view

That I haven't seen in a while

I’m with all the pretty horses

With all their big brown eyes

And it momentarily forces

An unexpected sweet surprise

A sky like a clear blue ocean

Nearly more than I can stand

Right now just filled with emotion

That stretches across the land

I like the big black mares

Running wild and so free

Their flowing manes without a care

Their spirit’s just like me

I like the raring stallion

Running wild and so untamed

I too am like the stallion

So here is where I came

To be with all these pretty horses

Freed from the confines of their pen

To gallop ever so effortlessly

Just to return back there again

I watch from my favorite vista

They seem to breeze through uncharted courses

But they truly know their way

As if guided by unseen forces

I’m high in the saddle

An unending stampede of resources

That tells me I am where I belong

With all the pretty horses

Long before there was misery
Long before there was pain
Light years beyond the cosmos
A universe cried in vain

Disbelief misled and destroyed hope
Assured it knew just when
Hope died before and was buried
Hope will never die again

Disparity came upon it
But hope believed away the doubt
It repressed fear then hope decided
It was what hope was all about

Many have a cause or mission
To donate to disparity
Well we can’t applaud so rightly so
Or give to that charity

Hope has never lied to sincerity
It will never live in fear
It can do all things we never do
Like believe when nothing’s there

Hope is alive and is aplenty
It’s always waiting at the door
Unabated hearts turn the key
Hope will live forever more

Monday, October 10, 2016


As the shadows come
On this afternoon
That took away the sun
Shame on the moon

A love was lost
Now the day’s turning gray
Everyone is so blue
Since you went away

Now the evening shows reflection
As the afternoon starts to fade
It has closed the door turned off the light
And pulled down the shade

The twilight now seems empty
Not a star left in the sky
The purple streaks have erased the glare
To another day goodbye

A lifetime now it seems
All the moments begin to stack
What we had for oh so long
Is never coming back

And that feeling in the morning
If we shut our eyes
Such confusion mixed emotion
What a terrible surprise

So many things have changed
In such little time and space
The others we will hear no more
They cannot show their face

Like others who’ve come and gone
In a memory you will stay
Though there is much emptiness
Since you went away

Anyone Like Me 

Is there anyone out here like me
Underneath this Moab sky
I’ve been through the fiery furnace
Just listen I’ll tell you why

Who painted all this landscape
Carved these petroglyphs I see
Who picked and picked these pictographs
Were they just like me

Is there anyone near Arches
Am I supposed to be
Thinking there is someone out here
Is there anyone like me

I’m not like most I’ll travel
Off the beaten path
I’ll let others sort it out
Let them do the math

I’m not trying to set examples
I just want my time on earth
To be all the things I’m living for
And to be all that it’s worth

These open roads before me
Like my imagination they will branch
But I must be heading back now
To the Sorrel River Ranch

There was no one out here like me
At least out on their own
And with someone I won’t be
Traveling all alone

I’m sure as I keep going
Soon someone will be
And if you are looking to venture out
With anyone like me