Monday, October 10, 2016


Can you look across a river
To the shores of a distant land
Can you see our world today
Can you really understand

Explore the many canals
Upstream through a salmon nook
Traverse a mountain to see the moon
Then come down and take a look

Can you marvel at deep blue water
Can you preserve that native land
Someone saved that mammal
Scurrying across the sand

Can you visit a historical site
Explore the places I’ve never been
Then you’ll get to where you’ll always be
And you’ll never go back again

Explore the adventure that lives within
The world is a great big place
Despite its enormity it’s where you begin
Within this time and space

Can you dig the soil with bare hands
Revere the smell of earth
Our world is disappearing
Come see it for its worth

Explore the canyons while they last
Bridge the gap of needle to spire
Can you hear the echoes too
Watch a hawk soar higher and higher

Explore this planet everyday
See the sky and all that’s grand
Can you see our world tomorrow
Then you’ll really understand

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