Saturday, June 23, 2018

Keanu Reeves Enjoying a Drink

Keanu Reeves - Sunset Ride

When I Was a Little Girl

When I was a little girl
I would sit at my window sill
I’d stare in the distance at the swaying trees
Until the breeze stood still

I wondered what was beyond the sky
Far beyond my neighbor’s home
My imagination went much further
Than I could ever roam

I always dreamed of far off lands
Places I could not see
Somehow I just knew they were there
Waiting just for me

I have no doubt of what I want
And who I want to be
I have this gift that I just know
Some innate philosophy

What’s in my mind and in my heart
Have gathered in a thought
Have told me that I once was here
It’s this moment I have sought

I can’t escape this moment in time
It has me in its grip
It’s pouring down like heavens rain
And I have to take a sip

It’s causing me to feel a way
I have never felt before
Some magic spell or special key
Has unlocked some hidden door

I don’t have to hope or yearn or pray
No longer wonder what’s beyond that hill
For I have now seen those far off places
Where I went and got my fill

So much has changed from a little girl
That place that I once stood
All that’s left from that window sill
Are just splinters from the past just wood

That little girl of long ago
Was just waiting to be free
That little girl is still inside
Not a distant memory

I still look out like all those years ago
But too tall for the windowsill
That breeze is still blowing
And I know it always will

When I was a little girl
I dreamed of what I’d be
When I was a little girl
I dreamed I would be me
The Littlest Princess

The biggest of moments
In all of history
And in each passing minute
Little princess mystery

The smallest noble
And yet without a reign
Titled to no one
Or one she can obtain

Large and small are gathered
There’s a party about to start
Where is the princess
She has yet to do her part

Someone needs to find her
But that remains to be seen
She’s trapped without a castle
Could she ever be a queen

The littlest princess
She’s hardly seen at all
It will soon be daylight
She’s going to miss the ball

Someone find a suitor
Before the break of day
But he’s gone with his charioteer
He came but did not stay

The littlest princess
Exclaimed a lonely knight
I could not find her
Had come upon an empty site

He saw in the distance
Upon a huge green hill
A vacant princess castle
Just waiting to be filled

There was a proclamation
Each and everyday
Someone find the princess
Bring her home to stay

The littlest princess
Some just can’t recall
Little princess mystery
Will they ever know at all
Young and Beautiful

I am not afraid
And I don’t care
I am with the one
There’s no cross to bear

All I know
I can’t explain
The things I saw
I will refrain

His mane is dark as night
Strands are long and sleek
The way he’s standing there
There are no words to speak

Brown eyes are nestled there
They seem to see me through
He has a certain air
I don’t know what to do

Warm heart with open arms
So strong and capable
Colossal everywhere
Young and beautiful

The shadow on his face
He is in his prime
If you gaze and look at me
I’ll gaze a thousand times

More than a pretty face
You must be all the rage
An epitome perfect storybook
I cannot turn the page

There are just so many
That I must cull
Don’t make the grade
Young and beautiful

So meek yet statuesque
So humbled by your name
No one could own it quite like you
No one else is quite the same

You’re somewhere in between
Where I need a lull
I’ll chance my fate
Young and beautiful
Feels Like a Dream

On this path I walk right here today
Unknown to me on a cloudy day
Buildings look like midday castles
Along my freedom street I avoid all the hassles

As I venture on and beyond not where
Forgot the path that took me here
I’ll end up where I had started
Sun shines between some clouds that have parted

So many building shades one in purple I have spotted
Restaurant stay here which many banks have dotted
There’s a stormy feel that is in the air
Quite gloomy though there is no despair

It’s like a painter’s world though not filled with pain
And now it’s overcast like it’s about to rain
City scenery like a bygone cast
It’s just a moment still and it will not last

People here they’re going on their way
Going everywhere but I will not stay
It’s just a different day I feel I’m passing through
And ever changing world but it’s still not new

What I meant to say it’s like an altered state
Another giving day I did not create
Although I am awake on this afternoon
Now the raindrops fall on this day in June

The circling clouds cast shadows on trees
The winds stir emotions do what you please
Still all in all is it how it should seem
No ordinary day feels like a dream

Finally made it here
To this married room
Now let me just stay there
Right beside my groom

Let it march on through
Unlike it has before
Those petals under my feet
Just like a floral floor

Now that I have met you
Time honored circumstance
I have found you dear
This honored second chance

Like new wings taking flight
Closely knit divinely hewn
Soaring high unlike before
Wedded song of a different tune

Enveloped here right now
In this chosen place
This just belongs here
Staying in this space

My tether heaven here
Holding me so tight
Letting me know that everything
Is going to be alright

I’m wrapped in all this love
Not just a bride in June
This bond like silken threads
Tightly bound not ending soon

Just want to stay right here
Though it’s half past noon
Just let me stay right there
Wrapped in my tight cocoon

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Happening is a strange and frightening-fictitious tale that will make you think twice about the world around you. From the onset of this story, things seem quite odd. While you are reading this book, try to understand that things that can be imagined may actually come true. Have you ever wondered if the thoughts that you were thinking were real? Have ever you considered that it may be insight, premonition and signs that lead you to these thoughts? This story illustrates that this could actually be what is happening within the writings of the pages of this book. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016


I’m high in the saddle
Traveling along a stream
Atop my pretty pony
More than I could dream

I’ve got mountains and moonlight
Enough to make me smile
I’ve got the longest view
That I haven’t seen in a while

I’m with all the pretty horses
With all their big brown eyes
And it momentarily forces
An unexpected sweet surprise

A sky like a clear blue ocean
Nearly more than I can stand
Right now just filled with emotion
That stretches across the land

I like the big black mares
Running wild and so free
Their flowing manes without a care
Their spirits just like me

I like the raring stallion
Running wild and so untamed
I too am like the stallion
So here is where I came

To be with all these pretty horses
Freed from the confines of their pen
To gallop ever so effortlessly
Just to return back there again

I watch from my favorite vista
They seem to breeze through uncharted courses
But they truly know their way
As if guided by unseen forces

I’m high in the saddle
An unending stampede of resources
That tells me I am where I belong
With all the pretty horses

Long before there was misery
Long before there was pain
Light years beyond the cosmos
A universe cried in vain

Disbelief misled and destroyed hope
Assured it knew just when
Hope died before and was buried
Hope will never die again

Disparity came upon it
But hope believed away the doubt
It repressed fear then hope decided
It was what hope was all about

Many have a cause or mission
To donate to disparity
Well we can’t applaud so rightly so
Or give to that charity

Hope has never lied to sincerity
It will never live in fear
It can do all things we never do
Like believe when nothing’s there

Hope is alive and is aplenty
It’s always waiting at the door
Unabated hearts turn the key
Hope will live forever more

Monday, October 10, 2016


As the shadows come
On this afternoon
That took away the sun
Shame on the moon

A love was lost
Now the day’s turning gray
Everyone is so blue
Since you went away

Now the evening shows reflection
As the afternoon starts to fade
It has closed the door turned off the light
And pulled down the shade

The twilight now seems empty
Not a star left in the sky
The purple streaks have erased the glare
To another day goodbye

A lifetime now it seems
All the moments begin to stack
What we had for oh so long
Is never coming back

And that feeling in the morning
If we shut our eyes
Such confusion mixed emotion
What a terrible surprise

So many things have changed
In such little time and space
The others we will hear no more
They cannot show their face

Like others who’ve come and gone
In a memory you will stay
Though there is much emptiness
Since you went away