Tuesday, December 1, 2020

I truly love the detail of seeing these up close and scattered fall leaves on this tree at nighttime.  Obviously, I cannot recreate everything into works of art, as some things are just meant to be seen and enjoyed by the naked eye.

This extraordinary photo was given to me by one of my colleagues, which I thought was amazing.  The photo was taken by Gary Grasso, and I told him it would make an amazing landscape painting.  I am currently in the process of recreating it. Upon completion, I will post it on my website, Instagram and Facebook pages.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Flowers from my friend David's garden.  More beauty of nature.  What can be more beautiful than a blooming Christmas Cactus?

Having a friend who lives abroad who sends me these magnificent sunset paintings helps me quite a bit at this time.  Nature has a way of helping one to heal by it's majestic breathtaking beauty and awe-inspiring and never ending colors.  Thanks Elsie!


Dealing with grief of a beloved pet is not easy.  Being able to dedicate this drawing that I later turned into an acrylic painting allows me to pay homage to my magnificent animals.  Nugget is on the bottom.



 Rest in Peace Nugget - September 2013 - November 2020

My precious budgie passed away unexpectedly.  I am deeply saddened to lose my chatty and happy baby.  Missing her terribly.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Explorer
I came upon an Explorer
Walking down Sixty First and Park
As soon as his eyes were upon me
I noticed he had an incredible spark
I sensed his worldly travels
It showed in every way
It's like he came from nowhere
Approaching me here, today
I mentioned that I'd watched him
And he was great and then I laughed
Filled with so much excitement
I regret there's no autograph
He thanked me and gently shook my hand
Brought a smile upon my face
When he slowly turned and walked away
How gentle was his pace
I'm left with a feeling of abandonment
The moment was so brief
How I crave to have his world
I can't he has to leave
I was touched by the Explorer
How well I know his name
It was soon after our meeting
Not long after I was not the same

Celebrity gatherings and encounters.  Talk about inspiration... Well need I say more LOL!

Some of the many paintings from my travels.

Tenerife, Spain and Costa Adeje where I stayed with my friend Elsie and actually got to paint from her magnificent view from her apartment balcony within these image.

A few of my art colleagues, friends and I at a group art exhibition at the Dix Hill Library.

With family members at my outdoor collaboration with my art project entitled: Come See Art - Art Lives Here for Queens Artist Initiative (QAI).  I gave the public these complimentary miniature 3" x 3" canvas paintings.  This event was well received and some inquired if it would be ongoing.