Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The Explorer

I came upon an Explorer
Walking down Sixty First and Park
As soon as his eyes were upon me
I noticed he had an incredible spark

I sensed his worldly travels
It showed in every way
It's like he came from nowhere
Approaching me here, today

I mentioned that I'd watched him
And he was great and then I laughed
Filled with so much excitement
I regret there's no autograph

He thanked me and gently shook my hand
Brought a smile upon my face
When he slowly turned and walked away
How gentle was his pace

I'm left with a feeling of abandonment
The moment was so brief
How I crave to have his world
I can't he has to leave

I was touched by the Explorer
How well I know his name
It was soon after our meeting
Not long after I was not the same


Chantell O said...

Great Paintings... Wow did you really get to meet the Explorer.

Artsuccess said...

Yes is did! : )