Saturday, October 24, 2009


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Penny Black

Dark Flowers

From a nursery
Of misery
She plants them in the park

By a statue
Is where she once lived
Where she grew them in the dark

She plants dark flowers
In the middle of the night
Dark flowers
Until the early morning light

She has dark flowers
In an empty room
She puts them outside
Where they grow beneath the moon

She wore dark flowers
All over her hair
And beneath dark flowers
No one knows not where

Now the time has come
And there’s only one
For the world to see

Now the lady’s gone
Along came someone
Who does this in her memory

She plants dark flowers
In an empty room
Dark flowers
Until they all have bloomed

In Tulum

Ancient City

Ciao ancient city
Answer your history calls
Where have you hid the people
Carved on these stone walls

Don’t stand alone in silence
Abandoned by the stretch of time
Don’t leave this world in ruins
Your beauty stolen like an ancient crime

There are those here left to see you
See how far they will roam
Look at how far they have traveled
So far away from home

How great you hide your secrets
In every stone from ceiling to floor
A passage through every doorway
Every archway of a place no more

No thieves in your marketplace
Dressed of a time gone by
Paved streets like sand have crumbled
Covered by grass and sky

Still ancient city
A colorful story you leave behind
Etched deep is your constant reminder
Remnants of an architects design

Adios ancient city
Stand for all to see
Stay for another tomorrow
And all through history


Shoot for the Moon

I have always heard the sound
That played the same old tune
Then it seemed to fade away
But it’s back again real soon

The words ring in my ears
But I won’t settle for less
I know what I’ve been told
And I always do my best

There is so little time
Until the clock ticks til it’s noon
There’s no limit I own my own sky
And shoot for the moon

I know some things take time
A day a month some years
But if I’m to succeed
I cannot quit for fears

And through the disappointments
That can hurt just like a wound
I quickly heal through turning points
Then still shoot for the moon

Not a day goes by without trying
From March, April and May
I won’t have to look back tomorrow
And wonder what I did today

And even this year
With so much rain this June
I have to keep on climbing
And shoot for the moon

Friday, October 9, 2009

Up and Away

The Painter

I’m more a million times than words
Don’t want to shout until I’m heard
I want to know someone believes in me

Don’t want to spend my life unknown
With all these dreams that are my own
I need the touch and feel of things I see

I’m going to paint a thousand times
Come discover this work of mine
I am my art and my art is part of me

I can’t describe it in a word
Because the meaning sounds absurd
I can’t explain it’s like a mystery

I only wish that I could tell
My visions not to cast this spell
It knows no words, no language I recall

Creative karma is in my soul
A brush of red and green and gold
Painting pictures to hang on the wall

I have to live my life this way
Can’t let expression pass away
I’m primed like canvas for the world to see

I may never come again this way
And colors are words I have to say
No one could know just what this means to me

And when the palette has done
All of its work for me the one
I’ll know what I have gained

Only when all of the work is gone
And all of the work I’ve done live on
The painter I shall remain