Saturday, October 10, 2009


Shoot for the Moon

I have always heard the sound
That played the same old tune
Then it seemed to fade away
But it’s back again real soon

The words ring in my ears
But I won’t settle for less
I know what I’ve been told
And I always do my best

There is so little time
Until the clock ticks til it’s noon
There’s no limit I own my own sky
And shoot for the moon

I know some things take time
A day a month some years
But if I’m to succeed
I cannot quit for fears

And through the disappointments
That can hurt just like a wound
I quickly heal through turning points
Then still shoot for the moon

Not a day goes by without trying
From March, April and May
I won’t have to look back tomorrow
And wonder what I did today

And even this year
With so much rain this June
I have to keep on climbing
And shoot for the moon

1 comment:

Chantell O said...

Great Poem full of inspiration. Don't give up.