Friday, October 9, 2009

Up and Away

The Painter

I’m more a million times than words
Don’t want to shout until I’m heard
I want to know someone believes in me

Don’t want to spend my life unknown
With all these dreams that are my own
I need the touch and feel of things I see

I’m going to paint a thousand times
Come discover this work of mine
I am my art and my art is part of me

I can’t describe it in a word
Because the meaning sounds absurd
I can’t explain it’s like a mystery

I only wish that I could tell
My visions not to cast this spell
It knows no words, no language I recall

Creative karma is in my soul
A brush of red and green and gold
Painting pictures to hang on the wall

I have to live my life this way
Can’t let expression pass away
I’m primed like canvas for the world to see

I may never come again this way
And colors are words I have to say
No one could know just what this means to me

And when the palette has done
All of its work for me the one
I’ll know what I have gained

Only when all of the work is gone
And all of the work I’ve done live on
The painter I shall remain

1 comment:

Chantell O said...

You ar more than just a Painter. You are an Artist.