Saturday, September 11, 2010


Tower One Tower Two
On the north on the south
One quietly sending messages
Without opening its mouth
The two standing proudly
As the seasons go by
On this warm blue autumn
September sky
There’s an oncoming evil
That no one can hear
On wings of destruction
Through the warm morning air
An ominous large aircraft
Taken over by cross men
Who long for their deaths
And their passengers end
There came a roar through the north tower
That did terrible things
A large flying aircraft
Had broken its wing
A plane crashed in the north tower
That those evil men rode
That they turned into a missile
That they made explode
So many within
So many marooned
What a terrible crash
What a large gaping wound
Those on this doomed aircraft
Were on a terrible ride of their life
When the plane hit the tower
It cut through like a knife
The flames and the smoke
Trailed through the morning sky
What a horrible vision
In a tower so high
One can only imagine
What must have happened inside
Flames reaching all over
There’s no place to hide
Where was everyone
Were they sitting in their chairs
Were some reading papers
Were some without cares
Could they have had no warning
Did some sense an air
That they were in danger
And were in despair
Did those by a window
See what they could not explain
Did they have time to see
The oncoming plane
Were those near a window
And saw their oncoming fate
Did they make it out
Before it was too late
Billowing black smoke
Sends its trail through the air
Sending a signal
Of its wounds and despair
The city’s eyes on the skies
And many could not believe
What an unfathomable thing
No one could conceive
Just a short while later
Another incredible most horrible thing
Had happened all over
By a misguided wing
Then another roar through the south tower
That did terrible things
Another large flying aircraft
Had broken its wing
A plane crashed in the south tower
That more evil men rode
This too they turned into a missile
This too they made explode
A scene so surreal
With red orange flames
Was there a catastrophe list
With all the workers names
Some screamed and some gasped
Some took photos for life
Many photos were of victims
A lost husband or wife
Some ran many made it
Many came out with their lives
Many helped out others
Many didn’t survive
Some leaped from the inferno
With no place to land
They fell into forever
They fell into God’s hands
All the dust and the smoke
And the flying debris
Amongst all those running
As far as the eye could see
All the bravest and the finest
Trying to save the last
Could not escape history
They were left in the past
Those helping out others
Were probably certain perhaps
That the unthinkable couldn’t happen
That the south tower would collapse
A gray ashy smoke
Was all that was in sight
It changed a great city
From day into night
One tower remains
Still against the sky it scraped
Just a short while is left
For some to escape
Again the unthinkable happened
The great north tower fell
Across from St. Peter’s
Was it tolling a bell
A strange eerie feeling
For all staring high
What a large open view
Of a clear autumn sky
Like an era had ended
As that last great tower falls
No more messages can it send
No one can receive its distress calls
People ran in all directions
Did they ever look back
What could be seen
In a background of black
Those who had made it
Looked like statues of clay
Covered in remnants of white ashes
From that horrible day
Just looking at faces
All in a daze
Was this due to a sickening madness
Of a single man’s craze
Then it was all over
They were no longer there
Crushed upon the earth
Smoldering and smeared
There’s a void in the skyline
As though fate opened a door
That led many people away
Where we can’t see them anymore
The city shuts down
All the people have to funnel
Across the bridges for home
Many stuck in the tunnels
It is now ground zero
In its warlike aftermath
There’s no trace to what it once was
All was destroyed in its path
It is a very sad place
That will require much attention
It is like the people all disappeared
Into another dimension
Within the fields of debris
And twisted metal one will find
It’s like a horrible place
That was frozen in time
So much pain and suffering
For those left behind in despair
Crying out to their loved ones
So maybe their spirits will hear
Many did not lose loved ones
But the pain was felt by all
It was a terrible double blow of fate
Which made us feel so small
This day will never be forgotten
I’m sure some will remember
To tell those who were too young
About this day in September
This single moment effected our nation
And others across the land
But we are still the United States of America
And for all of which it stands
The Storm

As I listen to the eerie wind
I can almost hear strange sounds begin
Long howls and whispers in the night so low
In the darkness it enters so subtle so slow

Now is not the time for disdain
When it feels like it’s going to rain
A melody starts tapping on a wet gentle breeze
Then nothing more just nature’s tease

Then blue lights in the sky and in a flash
There comes a most unsettling crash
Then comes the thunder that ends so abrupt
Suddenly a downpour begins to erupt

Again that booming sound appears
Cradling myself I cup my ears
Though listening in silence so very still
To the spatter of raindrops that sparkle the sill

Ever so gently I peer through the screen
Leaves are glistening that before were just green
The ground below seems polished and bright
From the glow of the lamppost left on all night

The raging and turmoil seems there’s no end
The clouds move away but come back again
Out in the distance claps of thunder seem done
As if I hadn’t noticed the rumbling begun

So I listen on edge for it all to begin
Disquieting even to hear the drop of a pin
I can see it coming as clouds change form
I sit still again and wait for the storm
The Sand

Here in my fantasy

My thoughts bouncing off the sea
Here while lying on the sand
It’s just too hot for me to stand

On my shore with my lighthouse view
There’s nothing more for me to do
Thoughts flood back to me
Like the lighthouse lighting across the sea

Through mist of a dawning day
Being seen through the eyes of gray
The sands of time are here to stay
Though they wash ashore then sail away

Softly sinking through my outstretched hand
They trickle through those grains of sand
I cannot count them one by one
As I bask beneath the blazing sun

The sand is an hourglass of time
With shifting castles and hills to climb
And forever and ever seem in its prime
There seems to be no reason or rhyme

Unlike this moment that will start to fade
Like the children and mother’s who came to wade
Soon those umbrellas and everyone
Will leave like the season of summer fun

It will still be here I understand
And without a thought as if unplanned
And though it seem like it’s so grand
Without so much but grains of sand