Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Sand

Here in my fantasy

My thoughts bouncing off the sea
Here while lying on the sand
It’s just too hot for me to stand

On my shore with my lighthouse view
There’s nothing more for me to do
Thoughts flood back to me
Like the lighthouse lighting across the sea

Through mist of a dawning day
Being seen through the eyes of gray
The sands of time are here to stay
Though they wash ashore then sail away

Softly sinking through my outstretched hand
They trickle through those grains of sand
I cannot count them one by one
As I bask beneath the blazing sun

The sand is an hourglass of time
With shifting castles and hills to climb
And forever and ever seem in its prime
There seems to be no reason or rhyme

Unlike this moment that will start to fade
Like the children and mother’s who came to wade
Soon those umbrellas and everyone
Will leave like the season of summer fun

It will still be here I understand
And without a thought as if unplanned
And though it seem like it’s so grand
Without so much but grains of sand

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