Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Storm

As I listen to the eerie wind
I can almost hear strange sounds begin
Long howls and whispers in the night so low
In the darkness it enters so subtle so slow

Now is not the time for disdain
When it feels like it’s going to rain
A melody starts tapping on a wet gentle breeze
Then nothing more just nature’s tease

Then blue lights in the sky and in a flash
There comes a most unsettling crash
Then comes the thunder that ends so abrupt
Suddenly a downpour begins to erupt

Again that booming sound appears
Cradling myself I cup my ears
Though listening in silence so very still
To the spatter of raindrops that sparkle the sill

Ever so gently I peer through the screen
Leaves are glistening that before were just green
The ground below seems polished and bright
From the glow of the lamppost left on all night

The raging and turmoil seems there’s no end
The clouds move away but come back again
Out in the distance claps of thunder seem done
As if I hadn’t noticed the rumbling begun

So I listen on edge for it all to begin
Disquieting even to hear the drop of a pin
I can see it coming as clouds change form
I sit still again and wait for the storm

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