Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Without a Legend

They’re going down to listen
On this cold day not quite yet winter’s land
The keepers of the flame
They’re part of a lonely hearts club band

There are so many flowers
But one sown in a different yard
And here in New York City
Not on Sunset Boulevard

They are coming forth so many
I wonder from off the coast or strip
There’s a bus by the Dakota
On a psychedelic trip

I wonder if they all imagine
Everyone glorifying your name
Could really use love and peace now
Not any one mind game

So many faces of people in color
Taking pictures down the lane
Strawberry Fields are before them
Some getting off of the train

Just like you and Yoko
They’re starting over again
They’ll be coming and coming
Won’t let your memory end

Here’s one of the fab four
Who’s likes we will see no more
But we all can fondly say
Won’t let the legacy pass away

Thirty years ago today
Where does Sergeant Pepper play
From Albert Hall we can’t pretend
Left this town without a legend