Friday, January 14, 2011


Summer changed to autumn
before my naked eyes to see
the sky was blue and oh so new
it meant so much to me

The clouds were swirling over
like a river in the sky
with oh so many black birds
right before my eyes

It brought back a memory
like a time oh back in June
the memory of a loved one
like a note struck out of tune

And those very black birds
went soaring through the air
I wonder do they think of me
as I stare up at them down here

I wish I could fly with them
and feel their ecstasy
blackened against a brilliant sky
with such velocity

I need to have that freedom
and set my spirit free
I have no wings to sail upon
some things aren’t meant to be

Then the snow began to fall
those black birds flew away
they left me standing all alone
on that autumn day

I looked to the horizon
towards an amber view
awaiting for those black birds
to show me what to do

Then winter changed to summer
before my naked eyes to see
And then I saw those black birds

bring autumn back to me

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