Sunday, January 2, 2011

Born to be Me

I was born to be happy
How I love to be free
I hadn’t wasted one moment
I was born to be me

I was born in the morning
It’s never too early to hesitate
And if I were born tomorrow
I would have been born too late

I wasn’t born to be a dancer
No easy road for feet to be
I think I have the answer
I was born to be me

I was born in color
You were born in black and white
We would all be like one another
I was born to make it right

I will adorn like no other
Visually for your pure delight
There’s so much more we need to cover
Especially where I set my sights

You weren’t born to be my lover
Or to say how I love thee
I could have been many things
But I was born to be me

But this game or challenge
Had no rules let’s keep it fair
Then someone is bound to lose
What a cruel move beyond compare

No one can follow my direction
And travel down this distant road
Is it a life filled with luxury
Or just a humble sweet abode

Right on time for my arrival
To make my dreams come true for me
And just for a lifetime
I was born to be me

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