Sunday, January 2, 2011


No two words are truer
When two hearts have spoken
They can never break free
When on heart gets broken

I didn’t start this by myself
It just rolled in like a wave
If I were like the meeker ones
Probably languished to their grave

Why do we search for some things
That have passed us by
Perhaps we will understand when we find it
We’ll know then and why

He left behind your dream
Never to be awoken
I know exactly how you feel
What it’s like to be broken

Halfway there halfway there
Halfway we’ll have a look
And see who wrote this chapter
And see who wrote our book

Tears sheered too many mountain tops
Carving years of broken dreams
I’ve put away my walking shoes
How those lonesome roads can teem

Some things you ought to know
Is it too much for you to ask
We are not the same as long ago
As we hide behind this mask

What is the meaning to this story
When will I be set to sail free
From this never ending ocean
At times is wrecking me

At times just misunderstanding
Of what life is all about
So much we have to live with
So much we can do without

Love’s little treasures
Is truly no small token
Love can so break your heart
I too have been broken

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