Sunday, January 2, 2011

Face of God

To all the world I say that those
Who seem off to the land of nod
To all of us they seem standing still
Are they face to face with God

Sometimes it seems that anywhere
There’s a golden heavenly light
Even in the setting sun
Spirited in the night

A presence that is everywhere
In the fabric of our soul
Can’t you see the handiwork
That is never to grow old

One day I met a stranger
Now I see it was second sight
Could not believe what I was seeing
But I knew that it was right

I understand this world we’re in
We’re a planted seed of our sod
We are forming kindred spirits
No need for a deeper prod

There have been so many images
And stories by the wad
In anything and everything
Is it the face of God

Over that mountain on that tree
Many things I can’t explain how
On that road following that stream
Do you think you see it see now

Sometimes I see there’s a need to lift
And stretch for a spiritual rod
Because this world raises an earthly bar
To see the face of God

Do we always look for You
In what seems rather odd
Or is it in our inner selves
That we’ll see the face of God

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