Friday, January 14, 2011

Fall From Grace

I know I will grow older
Maybe show it in my face
But let one thing be bolder
And always hold its place

So many things can change me
Through shame and through disgrace
But please don’t let it make me
Don’t let me fall from grace

If I take away these garments
These possessions have no name
And like I who chose to wear them
Cannot go back whence they came

As I live through all tomorrows
And my feelings get displaced
Years can bring much sorrow
Don’t let me fall from grace

If I become old and forgetful
Let me keep my manners and ways
And if everything I had is gone
From all those early days

Let me remain most gracious
Let me be the same
It is what others will remember
When they speak my name

I’m beginning now to notice
It is something that should be shared
It’s a precious thing that’s lost on some
It’s one thing I do want spared

I see it gone in others
I see it on your face
But please don’t let me be like that
Don’t let me fall from grace

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