Friday, January 14, 2011

Land upon the Ocean

Such terror have befallen them
Pales in comparison you see
To all what we thought we couldn’t live without
Let’s not dare complain this is no travesty

Luck has been no lady
For high lands were not to be found
Poor island dwell of Haiti
Stripped needlessly bare to the ground

The cries don’t go unanswered
There are those for it’s been too late
Seems sinister and crippling
And still many who have to wait

I cannot know their suffering
For I have not lost a friend
Nor destruction have surrounded me
Will their darkness ever end

Makes one sigh in wonder
Yet beyond just disbelief
For some the suffering goes on and on
For many life was just so brief

Land upon the ocean
How has it come to this
I shudder to think of just little things lost
Can’t imagine what your trembling world will miss

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