Sunday, January 2, 2011

Living the Dream

The world can be an abstract artist
Turning life upside down
But I’m keeping a visual perspective
While going around and around

Despite all the costs
Life was not how it seemed
But it all changed as I began
Living the dream

I put down past moments
And picked up these days
I rushed into the now of the matter
I left behind in a haze

I always knew it was right
Like it walked into the room
My creativity soared
I am so consumed

Now I’m smooth sailing
Too many currents were in my stream
I’ve steadily set my course
Living the dream

Unimaginable contentment
And exciting just the same
Unimaginable even more
Someone knowing your name

Like I there are many
Who want out from the team
I am following my hearts desire
Living the dream

But it’s a gift to a child
Everything is a colorful hue
I can share it with the world
All these things that I do

I have filled my life with festivities and cultures
Shades of dark to a lighter cream
They too like I are also
Living the dream

It all feels so right
When you become who you are
That’s fortune and fame
Like becoming a star

Like out of the blue
In one single beam
I am yes of course
Living the dream

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