Friday, January 14, 2011

Michael Jackson

Our hearts have been broken
How can this be today
Seems so quick you passed this world
Since you went away

It’s so incomprehensible
How long did it take
For our minds to tell us
It is true there’s no mistake

It’s like everyone has felt it
A tremendous personal loss
Now we know that some gifts aren’t free
When it’s our hearts that pay the cost

You tried to fix a broken world
So we could all belong
You paid your dues and so much more
You sang more than just a song

We will remember today
Yesterday and you of way back when
But we will never see
The likes of you again

How we will long to see
The show that must go on
How we will want to hear
The songs and you perform

You have given us a moment
And a place and time with you to share
But now all is left is music
Sadly you won’t be there

We want to come and see you
We’re screaming out your name
The stage has all been set up
But you never came

Patiently we could wait
But it’s just an act of love
Just one more peek from under your hat
And a wave from your silver glove

What about those moonwalks
Since you are not around
We are trying to get our footing
So we won’t keep losing ground

It wasn’t just a space walk
That may sound out of tune
As far as I can see
No one’s walking on the moon

Your young voice of innocence
Make our eyes well up with tears
There will be an emptiness
For years and years and years.

I’ll cherish the times I saw you
That now seems bittersweet
We’re left alone while you’ve gone home
Goodbye to Jackson Street

We will miss your natural appeal
We will miss your star attraction
We will remember you always
And always Michael Jackson

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