Friday, January 14, 2011


Grant me another passport
Place it in my hands
Granted I can further my journey
Traveling to foreign lands

Much longer I’ll want adventure
Sailing across the sea
Longing for someone to sail with
Come sail along with me

Come sail in my painted felucca
Like tourists we’ll make them smile
Maybe pose for us in a picture or two
As we continue down the Nile

Grant me another page in my passport
Another place I won’t forget
A mystical sojourn to always remember
And the strangers that I met

Come away with me to another world
Antarctica, India, Angkor Wat
And places not written on any map
A terra firma that time forgot

Another page in my passport
Will not need a stamp
Like inside of a darkened cavern
Come along and be my lamp

Come go with me and together
We’ll take it day by day
And with each other always
Someone to light the way

Come along with me
Until there’s no more room to spare
In our worn out tattered passports
That are far beyond repair

Grant us another passport
Until our lives are done
We’ll have seen many moons rising
Until we see our setting sun

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