Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stay Until the Fall

It seems you’ve gone away
Some time a little after June
Couldn’t you stay until that moment
Until another harvest moon

Are you seeing the foliage change color
Because I’ve seen nothing at all
Can you believe I’ve waiting all summer
For you to stay until the fall

I narrowly escape this moment
A sudden chill fills my mind
I can’t explain the feeling
Can’t leave the thoughts of you behind

I know when the leaves are changing
The season fills the air
Through a molten sunshine
I can see autumn through your hair

But you have found a reason
For which you must give all
Just for the beauty of the season
I wish you’d stay until the fall

How much I have longed for you
In my mind you’re always around
Your voice holds the answer
How fast is the speed of sound

But I’ve stumbled onto a rough patch
A Halloween trick or treat as I look down
Is this a sign of things to come
All of the pumpkins have a frown

Another heart can’t wait
And you must answer the call
But my summer contemplates
That you’d stay until the fall

Another season comes and then
I know I will stand tall
I don’t think I will wait again
For you to stay until the fall

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