Friday, January 14, 2011

We Are Not Here to Stay

So intertwined we are duly
As we go from day to day
Each morning there’s a sun newly
Starting whatever come what may

All the things we hold so dearly
So clever in our hand
Do not stay forever clearly
Do we really understand

Those lovely things we cherish
Is what others envy for
Even flowers perish
This we know for sure

So much time spent on living
So little time to give away
No time to spend on giving
We are not here to stay

Things we can’t keep never
These things will pass away
If eternity is forever
We are not here to stay

Despite all the ensuing chaos
Tomorrow is on its way
Can you hear it in my voice
We are not here to stay

Have another walk in the sunshine
Take that extra golden ray
Take the chance live a little
We are not here to stay

So easy to forget about happiness
Even easier to regret the past
Some days are meant to spend right now
Others to live like the last

When we are left the living
From those who pass away
It again occurs to me

We are not here to stay

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