Friday, January 14, 2011

When I was Small

Awakened in a giant bed
Hills and mountains
Of covers
On my head

Cloud-size pillows
Propped up there
A long climb down
From way up here

My shoes like islands
On a carpeted land
As I am but
The size of sand

Four cornered sky
When up I look
And towering horizontal shelves
Sandwiched in between are my books

Multicolored fabrics
Hung in a pose
Something for a giant
These are my clothes

Of all the things
That I could be
If only just larger
Where I can see

Those all around me
They’re not my height
Won’t think to look for me
Where I’ll stay for the night

Then I closed my eyes
And I sank down so deep
That I drifted away
And started to sleep

Then I had a dream
That I’d become tall
But that was then
When I was small

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