Friday, December 28, 2012

Take Me Far Away

You know I am a dreamer
I dream of far away
Where the grass is sometimes greener
And love is here to stay

I guess I’m always dreaming
Of a far off distant land
You are my country if only
You would take me by the hand

Let’s plan our routes together
And chart our course by day
And when the nighttime finds us
We’ll be so far away

I was on my own by this much
Come and let’s see this
We could even visit that
There’s nothing we will miss

You know I love from shore to shore
Even castles to the pyramids
When our lives are fulfilled so much
Together all the things we did

You know I’m always dreaming
You know I am this way
Let nothing come between us
Take me far away

You know I’m torn by the sea
When the clouds seem to hold the sky
And when I look at you
I can then see heaven in your eye

But wait there’s more
A temple where I hear people pray
Not here but on our voyage
Take me far away
I guess I’m always dreaming
You know I dream this way
Just you and me
Take me far away

A Conversation with the Departed

I have asked you once before
And I will ask you now like then
I will ask you just once more
And I will never ask again

Answer me why don’t you
Answer me right now
Do you have the answer
Won’t you tell me how

I have asked about tomorrow
I have asked just yesterday
Are you even listening
Are you hearing what I say

A precarious situation
When nothing is getting heard
A lonely conversation
Without a single word

Let’s end this conversation
End it like it started
End this conversation
A conversation with the departed

Santa’s Halloween

No sleigh to pull no gifts to bring
No sounds of children caroling
No snow covered sidewalks glistening
No sleigh bell sounds for listening
No red suit black belt with boots to match
Just a scarecrow field and pumpkin patch
No time for holly or a jolly saint nick
Just ghouls and howls and treats and trick

But it’s warm and quiet at the North Pole
A few months off before it gets cold
Santa wanders away from his Christmas stand
Where Autumn colors have littered the land

In the darkness of night town folk arranged
In costumes that don’t make Santa seem strange
A barn owl stares from a tree to hoot
A black cat shuffles across his boot

It’s scary for Santa to encounter a feign
Or hobgoblins roaming and covered in green
And it’s a new place for him to be seen
It’s a first for Santa’s Halloween

Under a full moon in the darkness of night
Santa beware you’ll be filled with fright
He wanders along to a house unaware
Silhouettes of branches and what’s hiding there

Finding a brush and handle he keeps
Just a witches broom no down chimney sweeps
Santa’s children are not off to sleep
They’re parading around in costumes they creep

Santa takes the broom in hand to one side
As it starts to move he goes for a ride
He flies through the air filled with delight
Saying ho ho ho on this strange maiden flight

He flies all night to survey the scene
A witch scowls with envy so mean
No jealously for Santa to make him seem green
This is just a first for Santa’s Halloween

Boy Who Became Santa

Christmas came without a toy
It stole the joy of a little boy
The snowflakes fell and soon they went
Like angel hair that’s Heaven sent

Oh the pain that this little boy felt
Wasn’t like watching his snowman melt
But like the frost that chills the air
This moment in time won’t disappear

For a child without Christmas
And a boy with a dream
He’ll remember this moment
And as long as it seemed

The boy’s parent explained the meaning of lights
And there being no presents and the smells and the sights
It’s a day of importance and you must be aware
It’s like a great gift although none is there

They explained the star in the east
The boy was not happy not in the least
But he knew one day this would all pass
It was just a moment that soon would not last

Many years later the little boy grew up
Was given a reindeer like one gets a pup
He then ventured and traveled very far and so forth
Would gather more reindeer and go way up north

He built not an igloo and not for himself
He had helpers and craftsmen a wife and an elf
The boy from that Christmas of so long ago
Remembers all children and know what they know

It’s not just important for receiving a gift
But that magical moment when the spirit is lift
It stays in the memory with all those times when
It happens all over and over again

At the North Pole it’s snowing and it never stops
It’s ever so busy building Santa’s workshop
And the cool misty air is all dazzled in white
There are toys everywhere and it’s lovely and bright

It’s a world of its own not too cold but merry
With each green tree filled with their holly and berry
Now you’ve heard the story without too much banter
And now know the tale how a boy became Santa


We are so many pieces
No one is built to last
We all fold get lines and creases
And want to fix it all so fast

There are some who are in ruin
Though they seem all intact
Missing pieces are not their doing
And as a matter of fact

When your life is shattered
These are moments that will last
There are so many pieces scattered
All along the broken past

If someone lends a hand
Right away to pick them up
Can’t grow a foreign land
Inside a paper cup

Pieces just don’t fit
In the world with pieces gone
In time they’ll come together
But in pieces holding on

There are those without broken pieces
The one’s who haven’t met
Those who pick up the pieces
And the one’s who don’t forget

Will time tape the pieces
Or fill with wet cement
As it dries some cracks start showing
Or are cracks permanent

One day all the pieces
Will come together and we’ll mend
All the cracks and lines decreases
That’s when broken pieces end