Friday, December 28, 2012


We are so many pieces
No one is built to last
We all fold get lines and creases
And want to fix it all so fast

There are some who are in ruin
Though they seem all intact
Missing pieces are not their doing
And as a matter of fact

When your life is shattered
These are moments that will last
There are so many pieces scattered
All along the broken past

If someone lends a hand
Right away to pick them up
Can’t grow a foreign land
Inside a paper cup

Pieces just don’t fit
In the world with pieces gone
In time they’ll come together
But in pieces holding on

There are those without broken pieces
The one’s who haven’t met
Those who pick up the pieces
And the one’s who don’t forget

Will time tape the pieces
Or fill with wet cement
As it dries some cracks start showing
Or are cracks permanent

One day all the pieces
Will come together and we’ll mend
All the cracks and lines decreases
That’s when broken pieces end

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