Friday, December 28, 2012

Boy Who Became Santa

Christmas came without a toy
It stole the joy of a little boy
The snowflakes fell and soon they went
Like angel hair that’s Heaven sent

Oh the pain that this little boy felt
Wasn’t like watching his snowman melt
But like the frost that chills the air
This moment in time won’t disappear

For a child without Christmas
And a boy with a dream
He’ll remember this moment
And as long as it seemed

The boy’s parent explained the meaning of lights
And there being no presents and the smells and the sights
It’s a day of importance and you must be aware
It’s like a great gift although none is there

They explained the star in the east
The boy was not happy not in the least
But he knew one day this would all pass
It was just a moment that soon would not last

Many years later the little boy grew up
Was given a reindeer like one gets a pup
He then ventured and traveled very far and so forth
Would gather more reindeer and go way up north

He built not an igloo and not for himself
He had helpers and craftsmen a wife and an elf
The boy from that Christmas of so long ago
Remembers all children and know what they know

It’s not just important for receiving a gift
But that magical moment when the spirit is lift
It stays in the memory with all those times when
It happens all over and over again

At the North Pole it’s snowing and it never stops
It’s ever so busy building Santa’s workshop
And the cool misty air is all dazzled in white
There are toys everywhere and it’s lovely and bright

It’s a world of its own not too cold but merry
With each green tree filled with their holly and berry
Now you’ve heard the story without too much banter
And now know the tale how a boy became Santa

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