Friday, December 28, 2012

One Hero

It’s been years ago if any
Of the things we won’t forget
There’s one hero just too many
That fall season had beget

It changed of course so many lives
And who could bare the strain
Not everyone who lives survives
When they’ve died inside from pain

But that is just from memory
And thoughts you cannot touch
And for many who sacrificed themselves
One hero just too much

Like today’s clear blue sky afternoon
From a corner of the sky
I see a plane sail effortlessly
From the corner of my eye

It pulls thoughts from my memory
That I have to let get by
Maybe one day I won’t reminisce
But still I have to try

What I see displayed and plenty
So we can’t forget ground zero
All those that were lost it’s sad
Just like one too many hero

Mother’s father’s helping
You know they’re heroes too
Someone help that fireman
Who knows just what to do

Tangled wreckage of solitude
Can someone make a sound
Twisted in a state of grief
And that officer is down

Ten years we let our feelings show
Something we cannot lag
There’s so much more left healing
Under a waving flag

So let’s decide we will be
Each other’s strength to crutch
The pain we feel when we feel the loss
One hero just too much

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