Friday, December 28, 2012

Beautiful Night

Have you ever held a star
On a quiet night in June                                                                   
Then sprinkle stardust
On the middle of the moon

Can you sail through a dusk sky
When it’s purple and pink
Or have you just worried
What others would think

What I have to say
I am feeling so right
When I looked at the sky
On this beautiful night

Have you just viewed the world
The way you were told
And that before you die
You just start to grow old

Have you ever beheld
Such a wonderful sight
A warm summer’s evening
A beautiful night

Breathe the summer air
Form shadows in the light
Wrapped in the warmth of darkness
Hugging squeezing so tight

The quiet from the stillness
People all around outside
All the sounds of summer
Come along for the ride

Catch a little moonbeam
Coming down on a slant
That finds the Milky Way
Then a meteor shower rant

Not even the stars
Can stay out of sight
On the verge of falling
On this beautiful night

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