Friday, December 28, 2012

Take Me Far Away

You know I am a dreamer
I dream of far away
Where the grass is sometimes greener
And love is here to stay

I guess I’m always dreaming
Of a far off distant land
You are my country if only
You would take me by the hand

Let’s plan our routes together
And chart our course by day
And when the nighttime finds us
We’ll be so far away

I was on my own by this much
Come and let’s see this
We could even visit that
There’s nothing we will miss

You know I love from shore to shore
Even castles to the pyramids
When our lives are fulfilled so much
Together all the things we did

You know I’m always dreaming
You know I am this way
Let nothing come between us
Take me far away

You know I’m torn by the sea
When the clouds seem to hold the sky
And when I look at you
I can then see heaven in your eye

But wait there’s more
A temple where I hear people pray
Not here but on our voyage
Take me far away
I guess I’m always dreaming
You know I dream this way
Just you and me
Take me far away

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