Saturday, January 26, 2013

Time Clock

We are set by a time clock
The whole human race
We are placed in a box
With limited space

But the world is ever changing
And there’s just not enough
Room for technology
And material stuff

The time clock’s ticking louder
And there’s no more room
Some have to get out
While still in the womb

The time clock keeps ticking
At a terrible pace
It controls every moment
Without showing its face

It controls everybody
Every traffic light stop
And it flows like a river
And controls every drop

We are set by a time clock
And the alarm bell has sound
In our limited space
In a box all around

Time’s running out for some
And lives are unstable
Some have made use of it
And many are unable

The boxes are overflowing
As they burst at the seams
Along with hope
And many a dream

It’s a matter of time
When dwellers will wilt
For time gives some power
And more boxes are built

But technology’s gaining
And has soared like a stock
But nothing can stop it
The inevitable time clock

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