Saturday, January 26, 2013

On The Cusp of An Eclipse

A start to a beautiful day
Sounds of a spring are alive
I sit through a brilliant sun ray
Alas at six forty five

A planetary lineup
Has me in its grip
The sun sank behind the building
On this day of an eclipse

What more can I ask
As birds soar across my view
Spiraling through the air
That’s something I would do

Preparing for the evening sunset
Watching birds of wing
Like a beautiful felt heart song
That’s all that I can sing

Quiet Sunday evening
Children playing down below
I cannot see the wind at all
But I can certainly hear it blow

Nostalgia fills my living room
Haze in the distance recalls
Memories of last summer
Evening paints my walls

I cannot see the wonder
Only express it from my lips
Only witnessing the starting point
On the cusp on an eclipse

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