Thursday, March 21, 2013

Snow Games

I watched the beautiful children
Of whom I did not know
Playing, rolling, tumbling
In the freshly fallen snow

No one’s too old to play I say
On this day after all
Only themselves and the elements
Truly having a ball

Falling down then getting up
Making angels all around
Never hurts when pushed for fun
As you never touch the ground

Dressed in winter clothing
Purple red and blue
And the ice on my window sill
Glistens like morning dew

Running as they can
Doing to others as they bequeath
Shovel in hand to help them
As they bury one another beneath

Some huddle in a mass
Others lay flat out
Still a few play piggy back
And a couple swing about

A chill is in the air
No little hand refrains
Only if old man winter bites
Toes and noses to end snow games

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