Monday, October 10, 2016

Anyone Like Me 

Is there anyone out here like me
Underneath this Moab sky
I’ve been through the fiery furnace
Just listen I’ll tell you why

Who painted all this landscape
Carved these petroglyphs I see
Who picked and picked these pictographs
Were they just like me

Is there anyone near Arches
Am I supposed to be
Thinking there is someone out here
Is there anyone like me

I’m not like most I’ll travel
Off the beaten path
I’ll let others sort it out
Let them do the math

I’m not trying to set examples
I just want my time on earth
To be all the things I’m living for
And to be all that it’s worth

These open roads before me
Like my imagination they will branch
But I must be heading back now
To the Sorrel River Ranch

There was no one out here like me
At least out on their own
And with someone I won’t be
Traveling all alone

I’m sure as I keep going
Soon someone will be
And if you are looking to venture out
With anyone like me

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