Sunday, October 16, 2016


I’m high in the saddle
Traveling along a stream
Atop my pretty pony
More than I could dream

I’ve got mountains and moonlight
Enough to make me smile
I’ve got the longest view
That I haven’t seen in a while

I’m with all the pretty horses
With all their big brown eyes
And it momentarily forces
An unexpected sweet surprise

A sky like a clear blue ocean
Nearly more than I can stand
Right now just filled with emotion
That stretches across the land

I like the big black mares
Running wild and so free
Their flowing manes without a care
Their spirits just like me

I like the raring stallion
Running wild and so untamed
I too am like the stallion
So here is where I came

To be with all these pretty horses
Freed from the confines of their pen
To gallop ever so effortlessly
Just to return back there again

I watch from my favorite vista
They seem to breeze through uncharted courses
But they truly know their way
As if guided by unseen forces

I’m high in the saddle
An unending stampede of resources
That tells me I am where I belong
With all the pretty horses

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