Monday, October 10, 2016

The Way It Was

How are you some say
I dream of yesterday
But I can’t go back to how it used to be
It surely seems that way

Wavering in my bed
As night goes drifting through
A bright white full moon hue is shining too
But my thoughts are blue

Nagging in my head
The scenes that I lived through
Thoughts come flooding back just like they used to do
From just the words I said

Memories a song
That keeps playing in my head
Now it’s just that I can always recollect
I’d rather dream instead

What if I complain
I cannot stop the rain
But I sure can wait to see it shine again
Sun through my window pane

I leave behind a door
That left me here before
I recognize the way it closed it was for sure
It was forever more

Did I not belong
In that place I got used to
Is it fate this journey that I’m going through
No matter what I do

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